Riding the Waves of Culture Shifts

culture-shiftIn America, we are literally watching live, post by post, as government systems and agendas that were not embraced by all, but certainly were predictable and stable, shift, move and allow for more uncertainty than ever.

We don’t know what is coming next.

But we certainly know, as individuals, citizens, and businesses that on the other end of election day, we have every expectation that we will remain strong and standing tall.

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Don’t Be the Business No One Will Remember

customer-service-coffeeWe have lots of labels. We label people, businesses, activities, neighborhoods, countries, weather patterns … there is a common ‘picture’ that comes to mind when you say a word.

Labels are needed for identification purposes.

  • Restaurants are for eating
  • Banks are for stashing money
  • Automotive shops fix cars
  • Managers manage people or processes
  • Cashiers ring up sales

If we didn’t describe each of these words, you would have easily been able to finish the sentences. Each business type or position title is easily identifiable at the mention of the word.

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3 Key Steps to Keeping Your Customer Happy (and why it matters)

Keep Customers HappyYou work hard to bring in new clients and create processes, systems, and products you believe will make your customer happy.

Happiness matters!

Research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company shows that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increase profit by more than 25%.

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What You Should Never Do When Listening to … Anyone!

communication2The picture and quote to the right pop up every so often as I scroll through various social media sites. I am sure you’ve seen it before too.

It always makes me pause… And reflect…

…about recent interactions with co-workers, clients, friends, family and the last store employee or banking representative I engaged with.

Geez…it’s easy to find people to identify as guilty of ‘listening only to reply’. I run into them all the time!

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