BOGO Backfired – Customers Walked Away!

There is a local restaurant close to where I live that has a BOGO special twice a year. Buy one of their unique ‘oval’ pizzas, get another ‘oval’ free.

When the program was initiated, it was meant to reward their loyal customers with a fun bonus.

Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?


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Digital Experiences – Does Your Company Make the Grade?

“Realize what traditions you will need to carry forward but also question what is also out there that will help make a difference and achieve new things.” —Aida Batlle

digital devicesA great customer service experience is a great customer service experience, no matter who recommended you or how the person came into your establishment. That is a credo that will never, ever change.

But times do change. There is no need to tell you the way we do business in retail sales, dining, banking and housing is rapidly changing. Faster than most of us can keep up.

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If Budgets are Out – What is In?

Customer Research is vital to Effective Budgeting

For several years, there has been discussion on how expensive and useless budgeting is for businesses of just about any size.

There is also the sense of dread it brings to management as they stare at spreadsheets and try to guess what numbers to increase, decrease, include or exclude.

Despite the facts, budgeting is ingrained in most American businesses. Summer vacations are squeezed in between number crunching as department heads prepare for the fall budget review season.

What are your budgets for staffing, training, capital improvements and employee pay based upon?

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No! He Did Not Say That, Did He?

metricsA friend recently shared this story:

Jack was a gentleman as he introduced himself. Standing all of 5’5” and 70 years old, he was in better shape than most 40-year-olds. His obvious strength and muscles left no doubt of his ability to do the job. He was here to pull up old flooring and install hardwood in the kitchen and living room.

Jack was a sub-contractor from the flooring company my friend and her husband had hired. Having worked with this firm on previous projects, they trusted that whoever was sent to get the job done would get it done right.

Jack was no exception. He worked the boards as an expert and the installation was flawless.

His love of conversation and need to express his political, religious and world view opinions, however, was not.

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Did You Find Everything You Were Looking For?

customer check outHave you noticed a trend in customer service?

As your turn at the register arrives, front end staff at retail outlets large and small are asking “Did you find everything you were looking for?”

Do you personally have a standard answer?

“Yes – and then some, ” is my typical response at the grocery store.

The cashier’s reaction could be an acknowledgement of how buying more than you intended to purchase happens often. Or maybe a chuckle and nod; or possibly a little half smile. (Usually from someone under the age of 18 who has never really shopped for a week’s worth of groceries and doesn’t understand what I mean).

But what is the intention of asking this question?

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