What You Should Never Do When Listening to … Anyone!

communication2The picture and quote to the right pop up every so often as I scroll through various social media sites. I am sure you’ve seen it before too.

It always makes me pause… And reflect…

…about recent interactions with co-workers, clients, friends, family and the last store employee or banking representative I engaged with.

Geez…it’s easy to find people to identify as guilty of ‘listening only to reply’. I run into them all the time!

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The Wells Fargo Fallout: The Ethics of “Getting Things Done”

ethics-wordsNews hit the circuit last week about Wells Fargo employees who, feeling pressured to reach aggressive sales goals, opened up millions of phony credit card and checking accounts in the names of current customers.

Wells Fargo has been fined $185 million. 5,300 hundred workers have been dismissed. And customers will receive full compensation for any fees and charges they incurred as a result of these illegal actions.

And we all shake our heads over how something so BIG could happen in such a highly regulated and monitored industry.

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What Does Your Product Deliver to Your Customer? It Isn’t What You Think!

woman-mysteryYour company provides a tangible product or intangible service to someone who has a need for the ‘thing’ you have created.

But what is it that your company or your department really, really delivers to your customer?

It depends on who you are and who you serve.

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How to Work to Labor Less

work lifeHow much labor do you put into the work you do?

And how much life do you put into your labor?

Work is work. There are tasks related to every job that just have to be done.

It doesn’t matter if you are a custodian, an accountant, a team manager or a CEO.

Certain things just need to be done daily. And that is the work.

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Manage Like an Olympian Coach to Keep Your Team IN the Game

coaching managementWatching the Olympic athletes, and those who coach them, these last few weeks has been fascinating, hasn’t it?

The stories of those who have pulled themselves up and through circumstances that seemed to point to no where – to become Olympic medal winners. Most of these athletes found a coach and mentor who believed in them to help them through the tough times. Someone who showed them the way.

The other group of athletes were those who came from what could be considered more privileged and protected circumstances.

Young men and women who started early with ‘lessons’ in their sport, coached and encouraged along the way by expert coaches. Enveloped in support (and money) by a steadfast team.

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