Budget Time – Avoid the Stress

Customer SurveysWhile the world collectively holds its breath waiting for results of the presidential election in the United States, individuals and businesses continue to forge forward as is necessary.

The adversarial nature of the national campaign is causing significant stress in more than 50% of the population. And anticipation of the outcome creates stress as well.

Stress is caused by the ‘not knowing’.

This is like the stress you have when you are crunching those numbers for next year’s budget. You can guess at what might happen in 2017. Where the money needs to be funneled. Where your major needs will be for operations and staffing.

But you don’t know for sure.

Anticipating the needs of your business without research is like closing your eyes and ears during an election year and just hoping it all works out okay.

Ultimately, there is a cost for not being informed.

Know Your Customers Expectations – Don’t Guess

While it may be too late to learn your customer’s opinions, comments and thoughts in determining what you will need to change for budgeting purposes in 2017, don’t let the same level of stress affect your budgeting next year.

If you aren’t already receiving customer experience feedback, consider adding a surveying program into your budget for 2017.

Surveys can be conducted at the point of sale, in store on smart phones or pads, on line when the customer has returned home or through traditional customer survey cards.

The best way to do understand what your customer likes or dislikes … is to ask.

It costs a lot less to ask than to guess.

Next year, we will be back to local elections and the cycle won’t seem quite as stressful.

Do the same for your budget season next year, by knowing for sure the changes your business needs to make to meet your customer’s expectations.

Give us a call to find out how to take the level of stress and anticipation out of budgeting by knowing what your customer wants and expects from your company.

What tools do you use to receive feedback from your customer? Please leave your comment below!

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