Does Your Staff Know This about Your Product or Service?

does your staff have product knowledge?You’ve got a great employee. He has great people skills. He can easily sell your products. Or can he?

Your staff knows what you sell – right?

You would be amazed at the mystery reports that we’ve read where the staff had no idea if the company even sold a product that the customer asked for (when we knew they did).

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Does Your Organization Demonstrate Commitment to the Customer Experience?

It wasn’t too long ago that we were all gung ho on Customer Satisfaction. But now, it’s been taken one step further. The focus is on Customer Experience or CX.

From conferences to books to Ted Talks – the focus is on the entire experience of your customer from initial contact to the sale. The expectation is complete customer satisfaction – and increased revenue – as the ultimate goal.

Today it is imperative that your organization have multiple channels where customers can interact., learn and purchase from you.  Web, phone and in person points of contact are your minimum standard.

Creating, attending or hosting events where your customers are immersed in an experience BEYOND your sales channels can be the next step up.

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What We’ve Learned in 20 Years of Mystery Shopping

In 2016 Market Viewpoint celebrated our 20-year anniversary.

Twenty years of creating mystery shopping and customer feedback programs for clients across the United States, Canada and Japan. We’ve learned a tip or two about customer satisfaction.

In those twenty years, the way we do business – and the way YOU do business – has changed tremendously.

Our very first mystery shoppers were recruited through newspaper ads, called on the telephone to be qualified, and then mailed their instructions and report forms through the U.S. Post Office. And then, they faxed their responses back to us!

Yes, the way we all conduct business has changed in twenty years.

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Managing the Customer Experience on Social Media

As the Customer Experience Manager, you are asked to be on the front line of readiness for every customer expectation.

You are asked to do whatever it takes to be sure your customer is satisfied on this visit and then will return again and again.

Management trusts you to know the needs, likes and dislikes of every customer. And to deliver services and experiences that appear to be custom made to each individual.

Wow! This isn’t easy!

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This Experience was Just Plain Old BAD!

Most people of a certain generation prefer to pay for things with a card of some type or with an app. Yet, there are still people out there who like to carry the green in their wallet – and pull it out to pay for a cup of coffee, gas or even a new outfit.

Customer use of debit or credit cards is simple for the cashier or sales rep.

In most stores, the staff doesn’t even have to touch the card. The customer swipes, signs and can even have the receipt sent directly to their email. The cashier can just wait for the transaction to be completed by the customer.

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