How to Coach an Employee after a Bad Mystery Shop

No one likes to tell someone else they’ve done a poor job or received a bad mystery shop. It’s one of those things most managers never get used to having to do.

Which is why mystery shopping is an excellent, non-biased way to be able to start a discussion with a less than stellar employee. (It’s also a great way to acknowledge those excellent employees too!)

Starting the discussion after a mystery shop has been performed provides you with written observations from a third party. The third party being a potential or actual customer.

The report isn’t your opinion or observations of their co-workers. It is of a real interaction. A great basis for a real discussion on what went right and what did not.

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Don’t Be the Business No One Will Remember

customer-service-coffeeWe have lots of labels. We label people, businesses, activities, neighborhoods, countries, weather patterns … there is a common ‘picture’ that comes to mind when you say a word.

Labels are needed for identification purposes.

  • Restaurants are for eating
  • Banks are for stashing money
  • Automotive shops fix cars
  • Managers manage people or processes
  • Cashiers ring up sales

If we didn’t describe each of these words, you would have easily been able to finish the sentences. Each business type or position title is easily identifiable at the mention of the word.

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Digital Experiences – Does Your Company Make the Grade?

“Realize what traditions you will need to carry forward but also question what is also out there that will help make a difference and achieve new things.” —Aida Batlle

digital devicesA great customer service experience is a great customer service experience, no matter who recommended you or how the person came into your establishment. That is a credo that will never, ever change.

But times do change. There is no need to tell you the way we do business in retail sales, dining, banking and housing is rapidly changing. Faster than most of us can keep up.

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