Market Viewpoint’s Heart of Achievement Coaching Division was created to inspire, motivate, and support heart-centered business professionals to move to higher levels of success and personal satisfaction.

When we align with our core values and gain a deeper understanding of who we are and our basic beliefs system, life takes on a different perspective.

Decisions become easier, relationships become more grounded, and our careers and businesses become more exciting.

Life is suddenly more colorful. Your heart feels full of joy and appreciation for the opportunities that surround you.

You can be introduced or reacquainted with the concept of core values and what they mean in your life through one or all of the many components of Heart of Achievement.

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Some people need a little time to get used to the idea of having a coach or mentor. You want to be sure this person understands who you are and what you need. Become acquainted with my style of coaching and mentoring with spirited and motivating reading.

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Life happens. Most times it doesn’t happen the way we have planned. Professionally and personally, we detour away from our original hopes, oftentimes finding it difficult to find our way back to the path of our dreams.

Sometimes we need the one-on-one connection and personal insight to regain perspective and focus.

After an initial free consultation and conversation, I will design a custom program to guide and support your growth journey. Your personal coaching program can be as long or short as you need to achieve the peace and satisfaction you desire.

Contact me for your initial consultation.

Please allow me the honor of being included in this journey of your heart. I can think of no greater compliment than to be a part of another person’s growth and self-discovery.

To your UNSTOPPABLE spirit!





Angela Megasko

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