Does Your Organization Demonstrate Commitment to the Customer Experience?

It wasn’t too long ago that we were all gung ho on Customer Satisfaction. But now, it’s been taken one step further. The focus is on Customer Experience or CX.

From conferences to books to Ted Talks – the focus is on the entire experience of your customer from initial contact to the sale. The expectation is complete customer satisfaction – and increased revenue – as the ultimate goal.

Today it is imperative that your organization have multiple channels where customers can interact., learn and purchase from you.  Web, phone and in person points of contact are your minimum standard.

Creating, attending or hosting events where your customers are immersed in an experience BEYOND your sales channels can be the next step up.

But, for most companies, that is not in the plan or the budget. You have a product or a brand to sell – and selling is what you will focus on.

So, if you can’t host a Flutag like Red Bull – what CAN you do?

Who, What & How

Be strong, but understanding. Firm, but flexible. And care. A lot.

The best way to assure your customers’ experiences are excellent is to demonstrate executive management commitment to measuring and monitoring the customer experience and customer satisfaction.

  1. Who is in charge of your customer experience? Operations? Marketing? Develop a clear sense of accountability from all departments in creating, measuring and monitoring your customers’ experiences.
  2. Listen to what your customer is saying. In person, on line, on the phone, and through your feedback programs. Use mystery shopping and customer surveys consistently. Multiple channels of feedback can be overwhelming. Find a centralized place to record and monitor what your customer is saying. And then determine what is most important to them.
  3. Action plans. Once you know what drives your customer to purchase – create an action plan of change. Be it human resources, operational tweaks or marketing campaigns – act upon what you learn. If you cannot make a change – offer an explanation. If you can – do it swiftly.

Show you care.

In the end, that is what the customer experience is really all about. Your customer knowing you are looking out for their best interest.

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