Don’t Let That Employee Leave!

Millenials in the workplaceThere was a time when earning a decent wage and providing benefits such as health care and a pension were motivation enough to keep staff engaged in their jobs. And to stay with the same company for their entire career.

There was a hierarchy in the organization. Everyone knew where they were on the planning chart.

Millennials – the generation born between 1982 and 2000 – are growing within our workforce. This is the generation that grew up with technology. They are educated, self-confident and have an inordinate ability to multi-task.

They like planning charts, but not necessarily hierarchical management.

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What We’ve Learned in 20 Years of Mystery Shopping

In 2016 Market Viewpoint celebrated our 20-year anniversary.

Twenty years of creating mystery shopping and customer feedback programs for clients across the United States, Canada and Japan. We’ve learned a tip or two about customer satisfaction.

In those twenty years, the way we do business – and the way YOU do business – has changed tremendously.

Our very first mystery shoppers were recruited through newspaper ads, called on the telephone to be qualified, and then mailed their instructions and report forms through the U.S. Post Office. And then, they faxed their responses back to us!

Yes, the way we all conduct business has changed in twenty years.

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5 Ways Market Research Will Improve Your Customer Experience

A lot of time – and money – is spent within organizations to come up with new products and new ways to improve the customer experience.

Hours spent in brainstorming sessions and team building days where corporate employees talk among themselves eager to come up with the next great idea or way of doing business.

Without real data to help define what your current customer is really looking for, those hours are wasted time and money.

According to the Harvard Business Review, increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase your profits by 25% to 95%.

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Corporate Manager uses a Bullhorn to Motivate Employees!

Corporate Manager Uses Bull Horn to Motivate Employees

Brian works in one of the busiest delivery fulfillment centers on the planet.

When asked how things were going during the holiday peak season, he told us, “Great! I bought a bullhorn. I race down the line saying, go, go, go… numbers people, we’ve got numbers to meet. There are kids and grandmas waiting for their presents. Our center does not disappoint anyone! Go, go, go.”

Brian said that the bull horn added a dimension of amusement, and possibly annoyance, for his employees. Bottom line: they got the job done!

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