Does Your Staff Know This about Your Product or Service?

does your staff have product knowledge?You’ve got a great employee. He has great people skills. He can easily sell your products. Or can he?

Your staff knows what you sell – right?

You would be amazed at the mystery reports that we’ve read where the staff had no idea if the company even sold a product that the customer asked for (when we knew they did).

What Your Staff Needs to Know About Your Product or Service

In the video below I discuss some of the features you should be sure your staff is aware of about your products. Basic product knowledge and features employees should easily be able to speak to the customer about.

Product knowledge includes:

  • Inventory
  • Price points
  • Sizes/styles/colors –
  • How the product was made
  • Where the product was made
  • Warranties
  • Practical applications for use

Watch now to see how you can be sure your staff is always ready to respond to a customer.

What steps does your organization take to assure your staff is fully aware of the products they sell? Please share below.

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