Is Your Business About You, or Them?

Woman chooses  fish in  tankDepending on what list you read, there are a variety of business behaviors that can create satisfaction for your customers.

Appearing on a recent list I read of Top Customer Satisfiers was the word “appreciation” –  making sure that it is “always about them and never about you.”

I like when a business makes me feel that way, although I will confess, I don’t feel that way often enough in today’s self-serve, fast-paced environment.

But a few weeks ago…

My husband and I decided to buy an aquarium for the family. We traveled about an hour away from home to a very large pet store that has an extraordinary selection of products for every type of pet, and employees who seem to love your pets as much as you do. This store was suggested to us by a friend who is a big fan of aquariums and ponds. He swears by this store, and now we know why.

The employees are amazing. We’ve been to the store several times since our initial visit and the consistency is amazing, too. But it was that crucial first visit that confirmed we were appreciated as customers, based on a few things: Continue reading

Give, Gain, Grow

Angela Megasko of discusses how going above and beyond to show customers they are appreciated provides it's own reward.Any business owner knows that, despite how generous they may wish to be, they can’t “give away the store” if they want to be profitable.

“Want our free report? All we ask for is your email address!”

“Want to win a free gym membership? Supply your name, address and contact information!”

“Receive a free candle on your next visit (with any $25 purchase)!”

As business owners, we’ve all done it, because we’ve all had to. We know that even though the discounts and rewards we extend to our customers may come with a caveat, the offers are still appreciated. But…

[tweetthis]When was the last time you gave something to your customers without expecting something in return?[/tweetthis]

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