Does Your Organization Demonstrate Commitment to the Customer Experience?

It wasn’t too long ago that we were all gung ho on Customer Satisfaction. But now, it’s been taken one step further. The focus is on Customer Experience or CX.

From conferences to books to Ted Talks – the focus is on the entire experience of your customer from initial contact to the sale. The expectation is complete customer satisfaction – and increased revenue – as the ultimate goal.

Today it is imperative that your organization have multiple channels where customers can interact., learn and purchase from you.  Web, phone and in person points of contact are your minimum standard.

Creating, attending or hosting events where your customers are immersed in an experience BEYOND your sales channels can be the next step up.

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What We’ve Learned in 20 Years of Mystery Shopping

In 2016 Market Viewpoint celebrated our 20-year anniversary.

Twenty years of creating mystery shopping and customer feedback programs for clients across the United States, Canada and Japan. We’ve learned a tip or two about customer satisfaction.

In those twenty years, the way we do business – and the way YOU do business – has changed tremendously.

Our very first mystery shoppers were recruited through newspaper ads, called on the telephone to be qualified, and then mailed their instructions and report forms through the U.S. Post Office. And then, they faxed their responses back to us!

Yes, the way we all conduct business has changed in twenty years.

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Corporate Manager uses a Bullhorn to Motivate Employees!

Corporate Manager Uses Bull Horn to Motivate Employees

Brian works in one of the busiest delivery fulfillment centers on the planet.

When asked how things were going during the holiday peak season, he told us, “Great! I bought a bullhorn. I race down the line saying, go, go, go… numbers people, we’ve got numbers to meet. There are kids and grandmas waiting for their presents. Our center does not disappoint anyone! Go, go, go.”

Brian said that the bull horn added a dimension of amusement, and possibly annoyance, for his employees. Bottom line: they got the job done!

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No! He Did Not Say That, Did He?

metricsA friend recently shared this story:

Jack was a gentleman as he introduced himself. Standing all of 5’5” and 70 years old, he was in better shape than most 40-year-olds. His obvious strength and muscles left no doubt of his ability to do the job. He was here to pull up old flooring and install hardwood in the kitchen and living room.

Jack was a sub-contractor from the flooring company my friend and her husband had hired. Having worked with this firm on previous projects, they trusted that whoever was sent to get the job done would get it done right.

Jack was no exception. He worked the boards as an expert and the installation was flawless.

His love of conversation and need to express his political, religious and world view opinions, however, was not.

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Don’t Let Difficult Customers Ruin the Day

The key to developing an understanding of the customer is to find ways to appreciate them on their terms. Difficult customers can be a tough bunch to love and Capturework with on a daily basis. They can be demanding and unreasonable on good days and downright nasty on others. 

Ask anyone who works with the public and they will tell you how hard it can be most days. Talk to anyone in retail, personal services, home repair services, landscaping, food services, finance, etc. and they will tell you how incredibly hard it is to be consistently happy with a mind-set of service when some customers never seem to be satisfied.

We struggle to make our customers happy but no matter what we do, it never seems to be enough. Or is it?

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