The Right Fit: Engaging & Motivating Employees for Growth

“This company seem to only hire people who have the personality to fit in with the organization. Basic talents are necessary for the position, but they really make sure the ‘person’ and not the skill level is the right fit.”

My friend was telling me this about her son who had been in and out of professional jobs for 15 years. Be it the economy, industry or relationship with a manager, he had been unable to find the right fit for a long time.

But this time it seemed right.

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Corporate Manager uses a Bullhorn to Motivate Employees!

Corporate Manager Uses Bull Horn to Motivate Employees

Brian works in one of the busiest delivery fulfillment centers on the planet.

When asked how things were going during the holiday peak season, he told us, “Great! I bought a bullhorn. I race down the line saying, go, go, go… numbers people, we’ve got numbers to meet. There are kids and grandmas waiting for their presents. Our center does not disappoint anyone! Go, go, go.”

Brian said that the bull horn added a dimension of amusement, and possibly annoyance, for his employees. Bottom line: they got the job done!

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This Experience was Just Plain Old BAD!

Most people of a certain generation prefer to pay for things with a card of some type or with an app. Yet, there are still people out there who like to carry the green in their wallet – and pull it out to pay for a cup of coffee, gas or even a new outfit.

Customer use of debit or credit cards is simple for the cashier or sales rep.

In most stores, the staff doesn’t even have to touch the card. The customer swipes, signs and can even have the receipt sent directly to their email. The cashier can just wait for the transaction to be completed by the customer.

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Your Customer’s Expectations are Changing. Are You?

New year, new goals.

Your goals, budget and expectations for 2017 were likely set sometime in 4th quarter of 2016, but it isn’t too late to look at the coming year with a new perspective.

What was right 3 months ago, for your customer, may not be right today.

Heck, what was right 3 days ago, may not be right today… it’s tough to keep up.

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Winding Down 2016 and Gearing Up for 2017 – Get it All Done with This Trick

employee-break-timeDuring these final two weeks of the year, your business is either winding down with year-end reporting and budgeting, or gearing up for new product launches and planning for the new year.

More likely, you are doing both!

In addition, your staff is distracted by seasonal and personal festivities. Somedays it is just hard to keep employees motivated.

But it’s all got to get done.

Now is not the time to work non-stop to the end.

Time for a new initiative!

Help yourself and your staff with a mandated time out several times a day.

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