It all Comes Down to Trust and Respect and One other Secret…..

woman-trustNo news to anyone – it’s been a tumultuous, emotional week. Following a full year or more of the same.

We breathe out with a deep sigh now that the question of Who has been answered.

Followed by the sharp intake of the next breath as we all wait to see what is next.

Some people are hopeful.

Some are fearful.

Trust and Respect need to be regained. For our country, our system and one another.

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4 Reasons to be a Compassionate Coach & Manager

person-pyramid-1134525-mBeing there to compassionately support those you coach and manage can go a long way to enhancing the customer experience as well as build employee loyalty.

Those who follow this blog know I believe that managers are the coaches of their corporate teams, no matter how big or small those teams might be.

I’ve had my share of critical coaches and can honestly say that being shamed or embarrassed to perform at a high level has never worked. It was always the coach who showed a concern for me as a human being that got my respect and admiration. I would go to the mat for the manager who showed me compassion.

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