Mystery Solved! What Your Customer Really Needs!

The elusive crystal ball we wish we all had. You know – the one that would tell us what to expect in the future. For our lives, our finances, to know what our customer needs.

When it comes to changes in our prospects and customers’ experiences it would be a revenue booster to be ahead of the game instead of playing catch up.

What does your customer want vs. what your marketing team thinks they want?

The image below captures the difference between what the consumer wants to learn when they visit your social site vs. what marketers think they want.

The chart reveals:

  • When your customer visits your social site, they are looking for a discount to make a purchase and value the opinions of others about the product.
  • Your marketing team thinks the customer wants info on new products, general information and to be able to provide opinions.

Hmmm…. A bit of a gap.

And a major communication problem.

Ask, Listen and Act

There is no need to guess about how customer satisfaction can be increased. You’ve got the best resource in front of you. At your stores, on the web, by mail and phone.

Your customers are living, and informative, beings. They can provide you the information you require. So, what are your customers talking about?

Have you asked recently?

And when they answered, did you listen?

Market research, in the form of customer surveys, mystery shops, social media monitoring and feedback forms provide you with real-time information from the market you serve.

The results of these forms of research can help you not to only predict the future – they can promote you to act now.

Act to show your customer you care.

Act to show you their business is meaningful to you.

Act so you can see increased sales and revenue for your business.

Are you listening now?

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